Garden Gate Ideas For a Los Angeles Homeowner

garden gate, vinyl gate, iron gateA Garden Gate Reflects Your Character

Garden gate is probably one of the most important and eye-catching parts of your outdoor fence, so you want to pay special attention to its design. It is not only a beautiful design element but also an entry to your home, a gateway to your space and it usually reflects the homeowner’s character and attitude. Because you know if the garden fence and gate are old, broken and dirty, it speaks quite a lot about the residents of that particular house. But aesthetic concerns are not the only points you should consider when designing your garden gate. Depending on where you live, security and safety may be much higher priority issues than design. 

Los Angeles homeowners usually have to consider both weather conditions and security issues. Southern California boasts beautiful sunny weather all year round, but for an outdoor fence this is a real challenge, because many fence materials may fade and even distort because of hot weather. In this particular case you could use vinyl fences and vinyl gates for your outdoor fencing.

So what are the garden gate ideas that you can choose from for your house?

Wooden Gates

Wood is a traditional, classic and indeed very beautiful material to use for a garden fence and gate. It looks rich and fancy. Wooden gates create a sense of a fairy tale garden, especially if you grow some flowers around. It has a bit of a rustic cottage feel, but is still suitable for a Los Angeles home. However, it is quite difficult to maintain a good looking wooden gate. Especially in LA, you will have to repaint it over and over again, spending both time and money on it. Also there is a chance of termites moving into your wooden gate and slowly damaging it.

However, wooden gates look quite beautiful regardless of many disadvantages.


Vinyl Gates

Vinyl gates are built in various styles and colors. They look perfectly good on any type of fence, even on a stone. Vinyl fences are very common in Los Angeles and this is no surprise. Vinyl fences and vinyl gates are very durable, they resist both hot and rainy weather thanks to the vinyl material. But the strength and durability of vinyl gates do not harm its beauty. You have probably seen those stunning white picket or privacy fences that always look good. It’s because vinyl gates do not require any maintenance, but some soap and water occasionally to make them shine as the very first day of installation.

Of course, vinyl gates have come to substitute wood and often seem to be cheap look-alikes, but overall considering both price and value, it appears to be the best solution for a Los Angeles homeowner. Look for yourself…


Iron Gates

Less popular but not less beautiful solution for outdoor gates are iron gates. They look especially beautiful when matched with some rustic stone fencing recreating the image of a medieval mansion somewhere in the suburbs of London. Too romantic? It’s actually also too expensive, but very safe and strong. Here are a few stunning iron gate ideas.


Chain Link Gates

Well, chain link doesn’t seem to be a favorite home fencing solution, but it’s relatively cheap and with some effort can even look beautiful. As for the chain link gates, they do not boast high security, but they are fine. Basically, for a homeowner with a very big garden, chain link may actually seem a cost effective option. So here are some chain link gate ideas.

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